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Noida International University Noida International University

Established in 2010, Noida International University is recognized by the UGC and is a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). According to the IIRF, it ranked 104th out of 171 colleges in India in 2023. NIU is noted for its favorable student-to-faculty ratio and its effective mentor-mentee program across its four schools: the School of Engineering and Technology, the School of Management, the School of Economics and Commerce, and the School of Law. Additionally, NIU features a hospital with over 650 beds and a medical college known as the Noida International Institute of Medical Sciences (NIIMS), which aims to develop an innovative approach to medical education.

NIU Greater Noida University has established international Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with several institutions, including the Abu Ali ibn Sini Bukhara State Medical Institute in Uzbekistan, Aimst University in Malaysia, the BRICS International Forum, the Bureau of Cultural Heritage Ministry of Culture of the Republic of China Taiwan, and the Centre College of Business & Technology in Canada, among others.

Through its 12 schools, NIU Greater Noida University offers a variety of multidisciplinary programs in fields such as Engineering, Management, Law, Medicine, and Social Sciences. The university attracts students from over 54 countries and offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including PhD, MBA, BTech, BBA, BCom (Hons), LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons), and more. Additionally, the university provides PhD and MPhil programs in 11 specializations. With an annual intake of more than 800 students, BTech and MBA programs are particularly popular. Admissions are conducted online, with candidates selected based on their performance in the previous year’s qualifying examinations. For non-technical courses, selection is based on group discussions and personal interviews. Recent placement statistics indicate that the median salary package for NIU Greater Noida University graduates is INR 3.5 LPA for BSc programs and INR 1 LPA for MBA programs.

Courses and Fees:-


CoursesTotal Tuition FeesEligibility
B.Sc. (21 courses)2 L – 4.8 L10+2: 45-50%, Exams: CUET, CBSE 12th, NSAT, UP 12th
BCA (1 course)2.1 L10+2: 50%, Exams: CUET, NSAT
UG Diploma (10 courses)88 K10+2: 45-50%, Exams: UP 12th, CBSE 12th, NSAT, CUET
MBBS (1 course)53.6 L10+2: 50%, Exams: NEET, UP NEET
B.E. / B.Tech (26 courses)4.4 L – 5.2 L10+2: 45-50%, Exams: CUET, NSAT
MCA (1 course)2.4 LGraduation: 50%, Exams: NSAT
B.A. (9 courses)1.8 L – 2.1 L10+2: 50%, Exams: CUET, NSAT, CBSE 12th
M.A. (8 courses)80 K – 1.4 LGraduation: 50%, Exams: NSAT
M.Sc. (12 courses)1.5 L – 2.6 LGraduation: 50%, Exams: NSAT
B.Ed (1 course)1 LExams: NSAT
GNM (1 course)2.6 L10+2: 40%, Exams: NSAT, UP 12th
MBA/PGDM (12 courses)3.2 L – 5.3 LGraduation: 50%, Exams: NSAT, MAT, XAT, CAT
B.A. LL.B. (Hons) (1 course)4.5 L10+2: 50%, Exams: CLAT, CUET, NSAT
BBA (4 courses)2.7 L10+2: 45-50%, Exams: CUET, NSAT, CBSE 12th, UP 12th
BFA (5 courses)2.4 L10+2: 50%, Exams: CUET, NSAT
B.Des (4 courses)4 L10+2: 45-50%, Exams: CBSE 12th, CUET, NSAT, UP 12th
After 10th Diploma (6 courses)40 K – 1.2 LExams: CBSE 10th, UP 10th, NSAT, UP 12th
BMLT (1 course)2.6 L10+2: 50%, Exams: CUET, NSAT
BBA LL.B. (1 course)4.5 L10+2: 50%, Exams: CLAT, CUET, NSAT
MFA (4 courses)1 LGraduation: 50%, Exams: NSAT
BOPTM (1 course)4 L10+2: 50%, Exams: CUET, NSAT
BPT (1 course)4 L10+2: 50%, Exams: CUET, NSAT, UP 12th
LL.M. (3 courses)1 LGraduation: 50%, Exams: NSAT
PG Diploma (2 courses)99 KGraduation: 50%, Exams: NSAT
ANM (1 course)1.4 LExams: NSAT, UP 12th
B.Com (2 courses)2.4 L – 3.3 L10+2: 50%, Exams: CUET, NSAT
M.E./M.Tech (16 courses)1.5 L – 2.3 LGraduation: 50%, Exams: NSAT
MPT (5 courses)2.6 LGraduation: 50%, Exams: NSAT
LL.B. (1 course)1.8 LExams: CLAT, LSAT India, NSAT
MPH (1 course)2.6 LGraduation: 50%, Exams: NSAT
Ph.D. (1 course)– / –Graduation: 50%
BPH (1 course)– / –10+2: 50%, Exams: CUET, CBSE 12th
M.Com (1 course)1.2 LGraduation: 50%, Exams: NSAT
MMLT (1 course)2.6 LGraduation: 50%, Exams: NSAT
Certificate (2 courses)– / –10+2: 50%, Graduation: 50%, Exams: CBSE 12th
Executive MBA/PGDM (1 course)– / –Graduation: 50%

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